The WJL Research Group is focused broadly on science and technology, ranging from AI, Flexible and Wearable Sensors, Micro/Nano Robotics and Sensing, Super-Resolution to Cell Analysis. See CURRENT RESEARCH PROJECTS and RESEARCH VIDEOS.

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We are pushing the boundaries in science, engineering, and applications of super-resolution systems that use visible-light to see and analyze the world beyond the diffraction-limit.
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We are utilizing the 3D-printed technology to fabricate nano-material sensors on wearable and flexible substrates.
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Super-Resolution Microscopy and Videography
AI For Cyber Human/Animal Systems
Flexible and Wearable Sensors
Micro/Nano Robotics and Sensing
Opto-Microfluidics for Cell Analysis
Research Videos

News & Highlights

[01/2018] Welcome SUO Zan for joining our team.
[01/2018] Congratulations! CHEN Meng and WANG Yufan received funding from CityU SEEDS 2018.
[12/2017] Congratulations! WANG Yufan won the third prize (entrepreneurship category) in the international contest on innovation and entrepreneurship 2017.

Recent Publications

More on Google Scholar, ResearchGate.

Y Wang, Y Zhao, RHM Chan, WJ Li, “Volleyball Skill Assessment using a Single Wearable Micro Inertial Measurement Unit at Wrist,” IEEE Access (2018).
Y Wang, M Chen, X Wang, RHM Chan, WJ Li, “IoT for Next-Generation Racket Sports Training”, IEEE Internet of Things Journal (2018). (Accepted with mandatory revision)
W Liang, Y Zhao, L Liu, Y Wang, WJ Li, GB Lee, “Determination of Cell Membrane Capacitance and Conductance via Optically Induced Electrokinetics,” Biophysical Journal 113 (7), 1531-1539 (2017). (Cover Article)
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J Law, KW Kong, HY Chan, W Sun, WJ Li, EBF Chau, GKM Chan, “Atomization of High-Viscosity Fluids for Aromatherapy Using Micro-heaters for Heterogeneous Bubble Nucleation,” Scientific Reports 7, 40289 (2017).
F Wang, L Liu, H Yu, Y Wen, P Yu, Z Liu, Y Wang, WJ Li, “Scanning superlens microscopy for non-invasive large field-of-view visible light nanoscale imaging,” Nature Communications 7 (doi:10.1038/ncomms13748), 13748 (2016).
N Liu, F Wang, L Liu, H Yu, S Xie, J Wang, Y Wang, GB Lee, WJ Li, “Rapidly patterning micro/nano devices by directly assembling ions and nanomaterials”,Scientific Reports 6 (doi:10.1038/srep32106), 32106 (2016).